14 October 2006

More on silk paper

Here are the promised photos of the silk paper I made last weekend. I am not keen on solid mats of felt-like substance - I prefer the lace-like effect of colours and shapes. One of the pieces is very see-through and when I stitch it to a piece of coloured fabric, there will be another dimension of colour to enjoy. All the pieces were photographed against a white sheet, so you can see white through the gaps in the silk paper. Enjoy!


catsmum said...

very yummy particularly that last one
is there a plan to do something with these or are they just for fondling and being admired?

Erica said...

Well, I have placed them on the design wall so I can just ogle them today. :-)I will use some pieces on ATCs and I am thinking about stitching one piece into a journal cover. Maybe.