20 January 2007

Textile treasures in New Zealand

Remember this little quilt made by my friend Chrissy Sheed? Well, Chrissy has an exhibition of her other textile works as part of the NZ Symposium in Palmerston North. If you are in the area, I urge you to go along and view them up close. They are on display at Trumps Fashions, Coleman Mall between 15 to 27 January, 9am - 5:30pm Mon - Thurs, 9am - 6pm Fri, 9am - 4pm Sat. Entry is free. You won't regret it because her works are multi-layered and you will find unexpected pleasures in the fine detail.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes I received. I had a great birthday and it has been a very busy week. I am quite relieved the weekend is here so I can catch my breath!


Helen said...

I went to see Chrissy's work on registration day of Symposium and it is fantastic. In fact I went back yesterday (last day of Symposium) to have another look. Her tiny quilting is just PERFECT! I am in awe 'cos I have not seen her work before.

Erica said...

Helen, I am so glad you enjoyed Chrissy's quilts. They are so detailed and absolutely exquisite. She keeps telling me I could do the same thing but I KNOW I couldn't!

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