27 March 2007

Shadow and sun

I am enjoying the unexpected pleasures that I find in my garden. Stephanie, you'll have to identify this one for me please. I was expecting small dendrobium-type blooms, but look at these stunning flowers! I took this last Saturday in the heat and I just love the patterns made by the sun and the shadows. Sadly, I won't see my garden again until the weekend now that daylight saving has ended. Who knows what I may find then?


Di said...

I don't know what type of flower they are....but they are gorgeous!

catsmum said...

stunning! Quilt??

Barbara said...

oh..what asurprise!! I found a wonderful blog!! will visit again ! Grates Barbara

Stephanie said...

Erica I bought these from an orchid nursery in Port Macquarie.
I had several and now can't remember this ones name but it is a native.
Should stay in flower for many weeks, good girl you have a green thumb and many fingers as well