10 April 2007


Remember this challenge I mentioned? The one to make a quilt inspired by a Gee's Bend quilt? Well I got cutting yesterday.

Part of the challenge is to use only fabrics we already have. That's no problem for me - I have more fabric than I will probably ever use in my lifetime. I'm not the sort of person who likes op shops - I hate fossicking around in other people's old stuff. It doesn't have any appeal at all. However, my own fabric - well, that's a different matter!

The quilt already has a name: Liberation from the Quarter-inch Seam. Here are the strips hanging on my design wall.
After I took this photo, I rotated it so I could see what they would look like if I used them sideways.

I think I like them both ways, so maybe I'll plan to make a couple of small quilts, so I can explore different ways of working with the strips. I just love these colours, but I'm not sure I have much left of some of the fabrics. There will be some other fabrics involved once I start cutting up some more units. This is my idea of fun!

Comments anyone?


kate said...

SO GLAD I found your blog! I am a nona (grandma) - wanted to start making quilts for grandkids like Gee's Bend and Nancy Crow quilts- what is your technique? my email is katemojo at pacbell dot net. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Or, cut it in half and use multi directional stripes in one piece...throw caution to the wind and really mess it up! Looks terrific. k

Vicki W said...

It looks great either way. I really love your color palatte!

Brenda said...

Lovely fresh colours - I can't wait to see how our challenge quilts all turn out!

Pixie said...

sideways, sideways, I likey sideways. Oh don't be rude. of course i mean the quilt orientation. honestly!!! hehehe

Nola said...

Looks fantastic! I like vertical better than horizontal but both look really interesting. Of course I'd want to put lots of stitch over the top!