20 October 2007

Living the Creative Life

I always get excited when I hear of a book that explores the idea of creativity. It's an endlessly fascinating theme for me. For this book the author, Rice Freeman-Zachery, has chosen to interview 15 artists about their creative processes. One of these is Susan Shie, whose quilts have a style that has always attracted me.

There is a lot to find interesting in these stories. Thankfully, the word 'art' does not start with a capital A. It always makes me cringe when I read people saying 'I make Art' or "I do Art' - it seems so self-important.

The stories in the chapter about creative childhood were fascinating, with the suggestion of being a creative mentor to a child something to consider. Of course, my favourite chapter was about work spaces (I love seeing where people work).

After finishing dipping in and out of the book I realised that reading about other people's processes is really a form of procrastination for me. I need to stop doing this and start stitching. So if there is any value for me in Living the Creative Life it is the message to just do it.


Lisa Walton said...

I have bought this too and hope to read it over the next week. Your review has encouraged me.

Stephanie said...

Maybe the saying about life is what happens while you are planning what to do applies here Erica