04 April 2008

Now this is seriously weird

Dear blog reader from France,
I do hope you weren't terribly disappointed when you found my blog after completing a Google search on "Michelle in chocolate pantyhose". You didn't linger on my blog - I wonder why?


Lindi said...

ROFL! You have to wonder, sometimes!

shequilts said...

Someone found my blog using "embarrassing quilts and back stitching" - which just makes me think you girls are nice but not quite truthfull about my skills! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica, I hadn't realised that you were leaving Downunder Quilts as Editor. Have really enjoyed you editorials. Hope you are moving on to other wonderful things.
Deb - Albury

Nola said...

How bizarre! I'm going to have to go back and read your blog a lot more closely to find out why Google threw it up for that search!