10 September 2008

Novels about knitting

I've just finished reading Divas Don't Knit, in which the main character takes over her grandmother's wool shop and starts a knitting group. I enjoyed the cosyness of this novel and it has kick started my neglected knitting (that and the fact that I will be facilitating a knitting group at my library next year). There is a sequel to this called Needles and Pearls, which I will track down.

Do you have recommendations for any novels about knitters? I'd like to compile a list (which I'll make available here) and read my way through all the books you suggest. Please leave your recommendations in a comment or email me. Thanks!


wjcsydney said...

I loved Anne Bartlett's "Knitting"

Sarah said...

Have you got the Yarn Harlot? She is HYSTERICAL. x

Quiltycat said...

Thanks for the review. Have managed to reserve the book through Brisbane Library. C