25 January 2009

More reorganising

I moved my computer again today and that required furniture reorganisation (of course). Next weekend, I can put out my unwanted pieces of furniture for the council collection and finally the living area will have free space again.

While I was moving books around, I discovered this little book on my shelves. Funny how I had forgotten it was in my collection. You know how much I love Gwen Marston's quilts, so it was a pleasant surprise. Now to sit a while with a cool drink and reaquaint myself with these quilts.

After a 43 degree day here yesterday, a fantastic southerly buster roared through last evening to drop the temperature. Sadly, though, not a single drop of rain here.

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  1. ooooo, a Gwen Marston book I've never seen! I might have to have a squizz at that one Erica! x


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