01 January 2009

We love our fireworks

Imagine this: a balmy summer's night in Sydney, spent near the city's spectacular harbour. Local landmark, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, is the focal point for a stunning display (as always) of New Years Eve fireworks. We love our fireworks in Sydney and they are the best in the world. To see why I say that, see photos from The Sydney Morning Herald here. Now don't you wish you'd been here too?


virtualquilter said...

Happy New Year!
And Sydney does do great fireworks, even if I have to stretch my memories back a long, long way to remember the real thing.
Judy B

Judy said...

Hi! Erica,

A Happy New Year! Lovely fireworks saw some on the TV, envy the weather, here in NW Tassie we nearly got blown to Syndney.