05 April 2009

Sunday snapshot

Recovering - from a thoroughly satisfying, most exciting Swans' game last night. (We won by 38 points.)

Coddling - my sore throat. It's amazing how easily three hours of screaming last night has made me lose my voice.

Adjusting - to the end of daylight saving.

Admiring - the miracle of sprouting seeds. I sowed parsley, silverbeet, cucumber, lettuce and rocket in a large terracotta planter a couple of weeks ago. Now they are all showing their tiny green heads and I realise how many I will need to cull.

Revelling - in a glorious autumn day. The sun is shining, the washing is is flapping on the clothesline and my salvia is still flowering.

Cutting out - a huge Feathered Star block in pink and yellow fabrics. I suspect there are a zillion pieces.

Reading - La's Orchestra Saves the World by Alexander McCall Smith. Another book of his that enchants me.

Appreciating - how content I am. Life is good.

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