19 May 2009

Sometimes I need something sweet

I don't usually 'do pretty' in my quilts, but I have been eyeing this fabric off for weeks. It's not a brand new one (Flower Sugar from Lecien), but the freshness of the colour appeals to me, so I now have a metre of it.

Even more strangely for me, I am imagining it combined with big red spots on a white background. No way do I have such a colour in my stash.

Where are all these peculiar thoughts coming from?


Sarah said...

Somebody say red spots???

catsmum said...

yes I agree a very non Erica fabric - I went on a binge last year and for no real reason bought up a swag of dark browns and virulent citrus-y greens ... not moi at all but I'm sure that there was a reason ... or will be

[ and I lurvelurvelurve the photo of that marvelous orange fungi ]

M said...

here are all these strange thoughts soming from? MO design walls

Ann said...

I don't know Erica, but I have them from time to time too, and I don't usually do pretty either!