03 February 2010

Gee's Bend quilt kits

I discovered yesterday that Keepsake Quilting is selling kits to make Gee's Bend quilt designs. Patricia Cummings has published a very thoughtful post on her blog Quilters Muse about why this disturbs her and I found myself nodding as I read. 

There will always be a market for kits for people who choose to make a quilt exactly as it is shown in a photo. There's nothing wrong with that because the makers will end up with quilts they love. I suppose this is no different, but somehow it is a little disturbing that the very notion of improvisational designing has had the improvisation part removed. Definitely worth pondering.


virtualquilter said...

I know hot cross buns beat Valentine goodies to the shops, but it is a bit rich starting April Fools stunts this early.
If it isn't an early stunt it is just plain wrong!
Judy B

Marken said...

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catsmum said...

oh erk!
I'm anti-kit at the best of times but
that is SO wrong!!