13 April 2010

Playing around

I so enjoy playing with fabric. These are hand-dyed fabrics from Lisa that I have been stitching this week. Here's just a snippet of the small quilt I have finished today. Yes, I know the colours are my faves, but I can't help it if the blue and green fabrics were the ones that came to hand!


Sue said...

They are my favourites too Erica, especially the shades you've used.

Lindi said...

They are my favourite shade, too! :) I like the stitching around them being white. Looks great!

Puddleduck said...

Hi Erika,
I drop in here from time to time and have you on my blog roll on my sidebar! Thank you so much for handing out the Quilts for London leaflets for me! Any other ideas to get the project 'out there' would be gratefully accepted!

Gorgeous colour combination! I love it! Sandi