13 October 2010

I should

- finish writing an article
- clean the house
- send some emails
- sew some more blocks
- write up a quilt pattern
- plant some bulbs.

But I just can't be bothered with any of that. Instead, I'm going to watch this:


Sally Westcott said...

Let us know what you think of it! Please!


Erica Spinks said...

I enjoyed The Tudors much more than this movie. My opinion of Henry hasn't changed, though. A very weak, self-indulgent, despicable man.

thelastpiece said...

errr I hated this movie. LOVED the book and hated the movie. And that was even before I had seen the brilliance of The Tudors. It was just not very good :( Still, better than cleaning the house and all those other boring things!!