06 February 2011

My country

What a fabulous flash mob performance.

Australia - my country.


Nola said...

Isn't it great? Made me tear up, while I was laughing as well. Love these flash mobs anyway, but that's a really good one.

Sally Westcott said...

Thanks Erica! I had to watch it twice because half way though I couldn't see the screen!

Flash mobs are great - I agree with Nola.


Stephanie from Perth said...

I open my door to thick smoke from bushfires around Perth Some 20 homes have been lost since last night. What a country of contrasts.
Thanks for the blog Erica, also brought a lump to the throat

Christine said...

Thanks Erica, I think all us Aussies really needed to see this just now, such a horible couple of weeks here in Oz. This should be our National Song, not the Anthem but something sung in schools at assemblies etc. Don't you just love the Flash Mob idea? Some great ones on YouTube at the moment.

Pennie and David said...

Gollygosh! How wonderful was that! What a way to start a morning... choked up and in tears! Thanks Erica.

Kathleen said...


as a migrant child who did not become a citizen until a few years ago i really loved it.

smithcat said...

thanks for posting that, Erica. Its wonderful!