18 October 2011

Today in the garden

It's lovely here in Sydney today - sunny, spring weather. So, of course, the garden called to me! I planted three tomato plants, two capsicums, one chili and scattered many, many seeds.

I also took some time to photograph two plants that are in glorious flower. Once I saw the colours through the eye of my camera, I wanted colour palettes straight away. Imagine quilts in these two colour combinations!

I love blue, so this is my favourite combination.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow (Brunfelsia) 

Or perhaps you prefer pink?

Spring cactus (Rhipsalidopsis)

Which is your favourite?


Sheep Rustler said...

Difficult one. The blues, but only by a whisker!

Chris said...

I have both flowering in my garden as well so it's a tie!

Stephanie from Perth said...

I have pink and green in my family room so I go for those colours

deborah segaert said...

How did you do that?