26 February 2013

Sea Glass pattern published

Hooray! Instructions for my Sea Glass quilt are in the current issue of Down Under Quilts magazine.

If you are looking for a simple one-patch quilt that features tumbler shapes, this is the pattern for you. I made my quilt for a queen-size bed (it measures 239cm x 229cm) but you could easily adapt the number of tumblers and rows to make a smaller quilt, if you prefer.

I chose to make this a low-contrast quilt because the colours are so soothing and restful - makes it easy to drop off to sleep! I've been sleeping under it very comfortably the past week - lovely.

I couldn't possibly quilt something this size, so the lovely Kim Bradley quilted an all-over Raindrops pattern on it. I finished it with my current fave of the moment - a striped binding.

Issue 156 of Down Under Quilts magazine
is on sale now. 



Chris said...

Lovely quilt Erica. Came up well in the mag too.

Di said...

Beautiful shades, Erica, and such a simple, serene pattern. Great work!