12 May 2013

I am not a domestic goddess

I have a folder that is bulging with pages of recipes that I have cut out of magazines and newspapers. Do you have one of those, too?

Rarely have I ever made any of the food in these recipes. Today I decided this would change, so I sorted through the sheets.

It was fascinating. I have collected multiple recipes for similar foods. It would appear I enjoy a limited range of dishes (or I think I would, since I've never cooked any of them). Lots of salmon or chicken dishes are in my file, as well as vegetable recipes. There are also plenty of recipes for banana cake (how many versions does one person need?)

I've decided to make a recipe from my file every week. If it turns out I don't like the taste, the recipe will be discarded. Here I go!

Today's effort was these beef and vegetable pasties. Perfect for a casual Sunday lunch; they are delicious, so that recipe stays in my file.

Cooking is a satisfying activity but it takes time and inclination. Sometimes I have one but not the other. A domestic goddess, I am not. How about you?


  1. Of course after such a post we need the recipe... please?

  2. Anonymous2:21 pm

    I think I should open a pinterest account ... it would keep bits of paper from collecting in the recipe drawer ... and somebody else might use them there!

  3. I had a subscription to Giurmet Traveller for a couple of years but cancelled it when I realised that I used hardly any of the recipes.

    My recipe folder used to look like that. Then my husband bought a bunch of Manila folders and labelled them in categories and put all the folders into a plastic envelope with a snap button. Works a treat although the newspaper clippings still manage to congregate on my side table.

  4. Brenda's husband sounds like a keeper!
    I do have a collection like that but after 40+ years of cooking I'm a bit over it all so must do a cull. Hubby's taken up the mantle so maybe I can relax now!

  5. A generation ago I learned to not save recipes, I rarely made one. And if I want a new recipe there is always a magazine at hand with a couple of dozen. After a certain age one needs NO banana cake recipes. You made an interesting observation you need time and inclination! Look forward to next weeks inclination.

  6. Yep, I have a huge manilla envelope labeled "Recipes to Try" and a skinny, nearly empty envelope labeled "Recipes I've actually made".

    I did find it helpful to write the name of the recipe on the outside of the envelope as I added it to the "To Try" bunch. That way, when I wondered whether I had stuffed a specific recipe i there, I would know before I started riffling through them.


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