18 March 2014

Textiles Tuesday

I have finally tweaked my computer the way I want it. Yay! It's amazing how many technological skills we all need these days, isn't it?

Eight links for you to explore this week:

* Neural Knitworks is a community art-science collaboration. Free pattern for ‘neurons’ that  you can donate. They will be pieced together with other textile ‘neurons’ to weave soft sculptural representations of the healthy brain. Launch: Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre,NSW, August 2014.

* Free quilt patterns from Modern Quilts Unimited magazine.

* My second guest post on ...And Now We Set It On Fire is now published! This time I talk about my fave threads and hand stitching on wholecloth.

* Barbara Brackman has another new blog. 'Austen Family Album' will provide 36 free weekly quilt blocks, with a guide to Jane Austen's England and posts about the people in her life. What a treat!

* Meroogal Women’s Art Prize is back! Entries close 8 August 2014. 

* Call for entries: Art on Legs 2014. Entries close 20 June 2014. 

* Want know how to dye threads? Laura Kemshall explains how on her blog. 

* There are 110 interviews with textile artists on the World of Threads Festival site. Grab a cuppa - you may be there for a while! 


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