28 May 2014

Possum proofing

It's certainly not elegant, but this netting I've draped over my vegetable bed is working to keep the possums out.

It's a constant battle of wills - me versus the possums. I plant veggies and herbs in this bed so I can eat them; not to feed the local possums.

Possums are a protected native species in Australia and they have invaded city areas (unfortunately) and made very comfortable lives for themselves in the backyards of Sydney.

After I discovered they had munched my spinach and parsley to the ground and taken large mouthfuls of the silverbeet on Saturday night, I erected this most unattractive structure. The mesh is big enough to allow bees in and out. This is very important in a garden! 

Please cross your fingers for me that this works.


  1. Do let's us know if it works! Good luck

  2. We once sprayed our veggies with a chilli mixture recommended by Peter Cundall. They ate everything we sprayed and left the unsprayed ones!
    We should be allowed to get rid of them like in NZ.
    Possum stew or possum jumpers!


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