About me

Hello and welcome to my blog! I'm so pleased that you are visiting.

I'm Erica Spinks from Sydney, Australia. 

I'm fascinated by words and this has led me into the magical worlds of reading, writing, editing and librarianship. You may see text on my quilts, too.

I am enchanted by plants and derive great pleasure pottering in my garden. Sometimes, this also finds its way into the textile works that I design, construct and record.

I see patterns everywhere in our daily lives - do you see that, too?

Creative Dabbling is where I share my ponderings with a creative focus. I promise you an eclectic collection of thoughts. All my posts reflect my personal opinions (unless otherwise noted).

Recently, I started planning my first novel. What an exhilarating experience! I'm eager to see how my characters' story develops.   

I'm always open to freelance writing and editing opportunities so please email me if I can help you. I have extensive experience in technical quilt pattern writing and editing, and quilt- and textile-related article writing. I am a past Editor of two craft magazines.

(For six months of the year, I become preoccupied with the fortunes of the Sydney Swans Football Club. Just warning you - you may notice this on my Twitter feed!)

My goal is to live creatively and enjoy the rhythms of life. Thank you for spending time with me.