About me

Hello and welcome to my blog! I'm so pleased that you are visiting here.

I'm Erica Spinks and I live in Sydney, Australia.

The written word fascinates me and this has led me into the magical worlds of reading, librarianship, writing and editing. 

Quite a lot of my time is spent designing, making, writing and dreaming about quilts and textiles.  I'm always open to freelance writing and editing opportunities (please email me if I can help you).

There are patterns everywhere in our daily lives, don't you find? Pottering in my garden is a great pleasure and I am thrilled by the magic there.

For six months of the year, I become quite preoccupied with the fortunes of the Sydney Swans Football Club. Cheering them in a large crowd is very cathartic!

Want to get in touch with me?

Email : don't be shy!

Creative Dabbling Facebook page: links to creative craft, especially quilts, and inspiration for creativity.

Textile Tidings Facebook page: links to textile events, tutorials and other great stuff.

My goal is to live creatively and enjoy the patterns of life. All my posts reflect my personal opinions. Thank you for spending time with me.