29 November 2020

Reminder: I've moved!

Thanks to everyone who's made the change to my new website ericaspinks.com

Please take a few minutes to check out my new website and, while you're there, subscribe to my posts with Feedly or Bloglovin'. That way, you won't won't miss any of my posts.

25 October 2020

Are you following my new website yet?

Hello to everyone who is following this blog through Feedly or Bloglovin'! Do you know I've set up a new website and won't be blogging here anymore?

It's easy to stay in touch with my new posts, though. Just click over to my website and look for the Feedly or Bloglovin' button, whichever feed service you use. Click on the button and add my feed to your list. 

Easy peasy - see you there!

16 October 2020

15 October 2020

I have a new website!

Exciting news - I have a shiny new website!

I've been blogging here on Creative Dabbling since 2006. That's a long time! Over the years, I've tweaked the design and layout of this blog many times but I finally decided to set up a new website under my own name.

I'd love if you could hop over there and browse around - maybe leave a comment on a post or use the links to follow or subscribe to my new posts.

Thanks to for her expertise with all the behind-the-scenes details. I couldn't have done it without you! 👏

08 October 2020

In my garden column - October

As I look out my office window at the darkening sky that promises heavier showers, I'm itching to be outside in my garden. There's so much to do.

Instead, I'm sharing with you the latest column I wrote for my my local newspaper, the Southern Highlands Express. It's always a thrill to see my writing in print! 

05 October 2020

On hand piecing

The threaded needle gathers a row of running stitches that hold together two pieces of fabric. I stop and look more closely. The sharp needle point has pierced the fibres of the cotton cloth over and over as it makes its way along the sewing line. A simple, yet effective tool.

I ease the thread through the fabric, creating a row of small stitches. A backstitch, and then more running stitches to take me to the end of the marked line. A securing backstitch and then I snip the thread and open out the seam. Another segment sewn.

Hand piecing soothes me. It reduces quilt making to its simplest form and its repetitive nature is meditative. The act of hand stitching is what's important to me and, if it results in a finished quilt, then that's a bonus.

This is my Starmania quilt top so far (only 11 more rounds to go!). It is designed by Brigitte Giblin and she has kindly made a free pattern to share through a Facebook group. The pieces are large so the top comes together quickly. I'm loving it!

26 September 2020

Practical creativity

I've never believed in the fanciful notion of "the muse". Creativity, in my opinion, flourishes when you have a combination of learning, making time and doing the work.

I came across this TED talk by Jane Harper this week. It's such a sensible and practical talk about creativity. It's worth listening to if you need a reminder that you are creative.