26 September 2006


Finally I have photos of a current project. Based on the simple rectangles from the book by Judy Turner and Margaret Rolfe, Successful Scrap Quilts, this is a hand-pieced top that I started last year and take along to monthly Scquilters meetings to piece. Since I never really read patterns properly (too keen to get started piecing), I pieced the rectangles in an arrangement I liked.

The other photo is of a piece of fabric I bought recently from Jane MacDonald of BeBeBold. I plan to use the fish fabric as a border, swimming around the centre blocks. Stand by for another year or so until I make some more blocks...


  1. Hi there Erica,
    I love this quilt. I made a pink and yellow one for my daughter in that pattern. I was thinking just the other day about doing a black and white and red one for my son...and voila you have done it.

  2. I'm glad to see that you've also joined the ramks of Bloggers Erica... needless to say I really like the current project ... after all it IS japanese.
    Susan I

  3. Gorgeous work, Erica! I'm impressed you're hand piecing it!

  4. Erica, I love your new blog. It is very inspiring...and makes me wonder if maybe......

    And I love your new quilt. I often feel that what looks 'simple' allows other elements of the quilt to come into their own..eg clever use of colour...fabulous fabrics.

    Perhaps it just reflects where I am at........into defining what matters and eliminating the clutter.

  5. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Lovely - I have a tiny collection of those... & that book.

  6. wow erica - that looks fabulous! i have a collection of japanese fabrics too, patiently waiting for inspiration to strike (including a fish fabric!) i am deeply impressed with the hand piecing too


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