27 September 2006

More on China Bayles

Susan asked VERY nicely if I could tell her the order of the China Bayles books by Susan Wittig Albert, so how could I refuse?
1. Thyme of Death
2. Witch's Bane
3. Hangman's Root
4. Rosemary Remembered
5. Rueful Death
6. Love Lies Bleeding
7. Chile Death
8. Lavender Lies
9. Mistletoe Man
10. Bloodroot
11. Indigo Dying
12. Dilly of a Death
13. Dead Man's Bones
14. Bleeding Hearts
15. Spanish Dagger (due out in 2007)
I think that so far 1-12 are available in paperback as well as hardback. (Sorry, that's the librarian in me coming through!)


  1. thanks for that erica... the library has [ would you believe it ] books 6 through 10 ... how helpful!!

  2. Susan, your library should be able to borrow the others on inter-library loan for you. Erica


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