24 September 2006

My fantasy life

I have many fantasy lives, all of which I experience through the joy of reading fiction. This book, Bleeding Hearts, is the latest in the China Bayles series by Susan Albert Wittig. China is an ex-lawyer who owns a shop that sells herbs. She sets up herb gardens, sells herbal products and runs a tea shop in conjunction with her friend, Ruby.

There are 14 books in the series so far, and China's life gets more interesting in each one. In Bleeding Hearts, quilting is introduced, with the opening of a quilt shop next door and a quilt stolen from the local quilt show. The story line follows China and Ruby as they solve the mystery of the stolen quilt (and other challenges along the way). I want to be China!

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  1. Erica my sweet... you've whetted my appetite so I looked up Susan Albert on my library's database: result was 9 hits [ but that included her Beatrix Potter Tales ]. Problem is that there's no indication as to where they fall in the series or even if they BELONG to that series. If it's not too much to ask, can you list them in order? or at least the first couple pleasepleaseplease?


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