28 September 2006

On hand piecing

Thank you for the positive comments about my Japanese quilt project. I have been collecting indigo prints and Japanese-style fabrics in reds, cream and white for years, but never really knew what to do with them. Once I decided which way to go, hand piecing was my first choice.

The meditative process of stitching by hand soothes me. It is important because it slows me down and provides plenty of time for my mind to wander. Sometimes I get my best ideas while hand piecing. The stitching gets into a rhythm and I don't really need to concentrate on it, so other thoughts can form. I guess that's because I first learnt to patchwork by hand and it has stuck with me.

Of course, this means it takes a VERY long time to finish anything!

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  1. Erica that's how I feel about my hand quilting. As you well know, I'm perfectly able to machine quilt pretty well anything I damn well want to, but I choose to hand quilt the japanese ones. Call it the zen approach to quilting. Very meditative.
    So who cares if they take longer to produce? I stopped worrying about or counting finished quilts when I got to 200 anyway... now it's about the journey.


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