22 October 2006

The company of friends

Yesterday I performed my duty as tea lady at the meeting of The Quilters' Guild of NSW. It was the annual general meeting, which meant that new office bearers were elected for the coming year. It is also the meeting when all the Guild's Challenge quilts are displayed for the first time and the winners are announced. What a variety of theme interpretations there were! Photographs of the winners will be posted on the Guild's website in due course.

More importantly, for me, the Guild meetings offer the opportunity to catch up with friends I may not have seen for a while. This is when ideas are sparked, plans are made and we are stimulated by each other's work. Just to give you an idea of yesterday's discussions: Brenda gave a demonstration of her free-form curved cutting technique and we all coveted the portable sewing table she had; I showed my silk paper and we started planning a weekend away together where we could 'play' with silk paper; Monica, recently back from the USA, gave me a set of US stamps featuring the Gees Bends quilts and we all started talking about those designs; Pamela shared her latest piece of work she's making for a friend (lovely chiffon binding); Fiona told us about the workshop space and accommodation her sister has in Braidwood (maybe this could be a venue for the weekend?); and we swapped ATCs.

All-in-all, it was a most satisfying day. I returned home, stimulated by all the talking and eager to get stuck in to my current project. Such is the company of friends.

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  1. FYI - my portable SewEzi table is a kiwi invention but is available in Australia through Just Patchwork - look under the "News" tab. (I should be on commission!)


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