23 October 2006

Eternally optimistic

I love the look of lavender plants. I have always wanted a large, lush lavender bush in my garden; one that will flower profusely and attract masses of bees. In the past five years I have planted and killed seven lavender plants. Different types of lavender, different spots in the garden - they all died.

Ever the optimist, I bought another one yesteday and planted it in a large terracotta pot. I took this photograph to remind myself that, for one brief moment in time, I had a flowering lavender bloom in my garden. Let's see how long this one lasts!

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  1. I too love lavender. When one of my pet mice died, I buried him and placed a lavender plant on top. The lavender is now a large, wild bush...
    I planted another bush, different variety. It is not as prolific. I am now looking for another variety, maybe a pinkish one.
    There are a few more mice in the freezer ready to go as well......


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