01 October 2006

One day in September

It has taken me 24 hours to come to terms with the one point loss of the Swans yesterday. Today we went to the SCG to welcome the team home and applaud them on their effort - here's a photo of the team today. I know many people just don't 'get' football or the effect it has on fans, but let me attempt to explain.

This is my tribe. It is human nature to belong to groups - families, friends and groups of like-minded people. AFL is in my blood - my Dad and his brothers played it when they were young men and I grew up watching the game on TV and local Sydney games. When the Swans came to Sydney 25 years ago, we adopted them. We sat through 26 losses in a row. We cheered for them and did the only thing a crowd can do: we showed our support. We wear the colours of out tribe, our family - I am a member of the Bloods.

Like any footy fan says: there's always next year.

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  1. I was thinking of you on Saturday Erica, I was also thinking of two other SCQuilter friends who live, breathe and dream the Eagles... one was at the game. All reports say it was the best final ever so I can only imagine how tense and exciting it must have been for you... and as they say, 'There is always next year' cheers Pennie


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