06 November 2006

Documenting our work

I am very lax at recording the quilts that I make. Sometimes that is because I am in a rush to finish a piece and forget to photograph it before I give it away and other times I just move straight onto the next project. Tonight, though, I started to work out how to document my quilts.

Digital images of my quilts have been accumulating on my computer, but I hadn't organised them in any way and certainly hadn't written any text to go with them. I suddenly had a panic about them tonight and decided to deal with them in a couple of different ways: to keep the digital images (with meaningful names) together in a folder on the computer; to create Word documents that include the image and text; and to print these documents out for my spiral-bound folder. I'll probably also burn them all to CD once I truly get organised.

I would love to know how you organise your quilt records. Please post a comment and let me know what you do - maybe we can learn some new tricks from each other!


  1. I have a quilting journal (actually I have finished the first journal, now I am onto the second journal)
    I take a photo of the quilt, and add comments about who it ws for, (birth dates, if quilt was for a baby, or wedding dates etc)
    I keep it in date order from when I started the quilt, so I can see a progression of my quiltmaking. When I look at some of those early ones, I cringe. There is a quilt I made for my best friend when I got married (as a bridesmaid gift) that I would love to take back and make her another one....when I looked at it years later, I was horrified at how ugly it was. She is not giving it up!!! LOL
    I am thinking about doing scrapbooking, and wonder, if I can do a quilt journal with this idea?? but that is a long way off yet!
    I did a seminar with Kaye England one day, and she discussed the importance of a journal.....especially if it was a quilt you did not like....so in years to come there isn't a comment like "dear me, Great Great Great granny Nicole had no taste in colour", they could read the diary, and see that Nicole wasn't impressed with it either! LOL

  2. mmm...that comment was rather long...you can see I am passionate about keeping records! LOL


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