11 November 2006

Hunter Valley NSW

The Hunter Valley of NSW is known for many things, but is famous for the number of vineyards and fine wines in the area. Yesterday, we travelled there on a small bus from Sydney and enjoyed visits to three boutique vineyards. "Boutique" in this instance means that the wineries do not produce enough product to sell it to shops, so the only way you can sample their wine is from the cellar door. Our driver, Ray from Boutique Wine Tours, looked after us all day. Here is a photo of us at the second winery, Iron Gate. The look of anticipation is clear, as we await our tasting.

The final winery was Tallavera - look at that view! Perched on the top of a hill not far from Cessnock, this vineyard was the place we all wanted to stay for a short nap on the grass, but sadly the host there made us sample more wines!

It was a wonderful day. Stunning weather, the company of friends - oh, and did I mention we went to a cheese shop and a chocolate shop? Sigh...

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  1. Anonymous8:56 am

    What a great way to spend a celebration!


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