15 November 2006

It's amazing where it takes you...

You may recall I wrote about a recent afternoon when I taught a friend to use a sewing machine. Well, much has progress has been made since she made her first cushion cover under my instruction. Yesterday, I received an email from her, in which she says that she has since made "more cushion covers than cushions I am actually willing to have in my house!"

What an exciting and gratifying outcome this is. Before two weeks ago, she had never touched a sewing machine but expressed a pressing interest in learning.

Next step: she wants to make a quilt, so I suggested a cot quilt. Let's see how that develops!

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  1. oh well done!
    Isn't it just the best feeling to snag another convert? Love it!
    maybe you should post a photo of her cushions so we can all encourage her.


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