07 November 2006

A little flutter

You can't be an Australian without knowing that the first Tuesday in November is the Melbourne Cup. It's not just a horse race, but it is an event that everyone throughout the nation stops to watch - in Melbourne, it's even a public holiday! Of course, at work we joined in the festivities with a glass (or two) of bubbly and a very tasty afternoon tea.

Guess who won the sweep? Not only did I receive the prize for first place, but also won third place! Not bad for a race that lasts a mere few minutes.

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  1. Yippee! Our local quilt shop (Quilter's World, used to be Country Fabric and Quilters, home of that fabboo DVD in DUQ this month!) closed today for a special Melbourne Cup Do. I didn't go, cos as a mostly vegetarian, somewhat lactose intolerant coeliac, it's not worth paying for a lunch out!
    Congrats on your sweep winnings. I believe my horse is still running!


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