19 November 2006

More colour

You may consider that I am over-pleased with the results of my dyeing day, but look at these 14 pieces! Aren't they simply gorgeous? One day, I may even cut them up and sew them...

This is my favourite piece, destined to be a border I think.

This is another favourite. It was simply folded, accordion-like, across the fabric and then folded again. I absolutely love the lines and the patchiness. Okay, no more I promise until I do some more shibori stitching.


  1. Yummalicious! You've convinced me that I need that Shibori book, too...

  2. Hi Erica

    What a wonderful effect. How did you do the semi-circular stitching?

    Helen in NZ

  3. Helen, I will post some diagrams on the weekend to show you how I stitched the fabric before I dyed it, if I can get my internet connection to stay connected!


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