13 November 2006

A new type of soft sculpture?

Well, no! Before you decide I appear to have lost the plot, let me explain what these textiles represent. Yesterday I spent a LONG time stitching some fabric in preparation for dyeing later in the week. The plan is to create some shibori patterns on the cloth. The photo above is a folded pattern called 'Larch' and the stitching involves four rows of semi-circular shapes.

This photo is the easiest to stitch - multiple rows of curved patterns.

This piece does appeal to me as an object, but in fact it is stitched both vertically and horizontally in a grid.

I can't wait to see how the patterns look and I promise to share photos if they work out. If they don't, I'll probably cut the fabric into tiny pieces and use it on my next batch of ATCs.

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  1. be warned Erica... shibori is TOTALLY addictive, particularly the arashi [ pole wrapped ] pieces. What dye are you using? I mostly use procion MX4GD.


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