09 December 2006

A change of interest

Last week, a friend was clearing out a pile of old quilting magazines. I was lucky enough to be given first pick of any that I wanted to keep, before I passed them onto others in our quilting group. I've spent the past week browsing the magazines and there weren't many that I kept.
The magazines were English and American patchwork magazines. It was interesting to see, after I'd put aside the pages I wanted to keep, the sort of subjects I'd selected - not a single pattern, but just articles about technique.
Obviously, my interests have changed. In the past, I may have opted to keep the odd pattern or photo of an appealing quilt. This time, I was hungry to learn more about HOW to do certain things. Amongst the articles I kept was one on dyeing techniques and one on various applique techniques as taught in the City and Guilds course.
It's always intriguing looking at quilting articles. It seems be be true that whatever you are interested in, somehow, some way, the information and inspiration you need will present itself. Do you find that is true for you, too?

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  1. Hi Erica.. I have to say I recently did that with a HUGE pile of mags from my Tardis sewing room, and I didn't keep one pattern, just two ring binders full of articles, tips and pics. Interesting isn't it? :)


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