04 December 2006

I am so thrilled

No, I didn't make this quilt. It was stitched by my dear friend Chrissy as a gift for me and it arrived in the mail today. I knew she had made it because she told me months ago, but I hadn't seen it until I opened the package this evening. It cheered me up so much!

The hearts are made with Chrissy's own created fabric and it is extensively machine stitched, embellished with hand embroidery and beading. It is simply exquisite and I am so thrilled to have it here as a tactile reminder of a very close friend who lives across the sea. How lucky I am.


  1. What timing! A perfect cheerer upper. (And I do hope you're feeling better after your unfortunate bout of food poisoning.)

  2. wow! that's stunning :)

  3. Anonymous9:32 am

    Wow, this is beautiful...georgeous!!

  4. Anonymous12:12 pm

    What a fab treasure of color and heart! LUV it.


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