16 December 2006

Keeping secrets

How difficult it is to keep a secret! I am stitching a small quilt as a gift, so I can't show you a picture until after my friend receives it. This is killing me - keeping my sewing private and not sharing - but maybe I've just made it worse by offering a tease?

I was at the local shopping centre bright and early this morning to buy the items on my list. Aaaarggghh! What a nightmare shopping centres are at this time of year. I was there before most of the crowds and I fled after an hour but it still took nearly 15 minutes to leave the car park. I need a soothing cup of tea to settle myself...

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  1. Hi Erica
    any idea what 'themes' you'll be using for articles in the near future?
    In all that welter of scq mail I have missed some of your posts until it was too late to send you anything.


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