20 December 2006

Party time!

Tomorrow is our end of year party at work, and where we are going and what we are doing is secret. Not only don't we know what's happening, but that age-old problem has been made even harder - what should we wear?
Indoors or outdoors? Near the coast or inland? Do we have to travel? These are dilemmas that can't be solved until 1.30pm tomorrow, when we are told where the party will be held.
It will be a long day. Starting at 1.30 and going into the night...there may be some tired and emotional people by the end of the day.
I have a wrap-around blouse that I am thinking of wearing but only if I can work out how to hold it all together at the top. A small brooch may be in order, or maybe I'll just flaunt it. Sometimes clothing decisions are just way too hard to make.


  1. Mystery parties can be tricky. I suggest taking a very large suitcase into work with the best of everything! (grin)

    I agree with you about the cricket. I am not a sports fan but somehow cricket doesn't annoy me. I guess it's because it is quite slow so you can stitch and if anything happens you know they will show it again, so you can look up.

    Have a great holiday.

  2. Where did you Gooooo??????
    Have a Happy Christmas Erica, cheers Pennie


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