29 December 2006

The power of friendship

Today my friend Monica visited for the last time before she leaves Sydney to travel to the USA to start a new stage in her life. She is going to a place where snow is a normal part of winter. Leaving the middle of summer to arrive in the middle of winter, she is looking forward to the challenges ahead. Here she is, holding a small quilt I made to cheer her during those wintry days. Simple sunny flowers to lift her spirits.

There were tears, but the most emotion was shown when I passed over a friendship quilt that Brenda had made on behalf of Monica's friends at The Quilters' Guild of NSW. Each circle on the quilt had a personal message to Monica - some written, some embroidered. Brenda appliqued the circles to squares and pieced, quilted and bound the quilt. Monica was stunned and thrilled to receive such a treasured gift. Thank you Brenda, for the time you took to make Monica's quilt. It is a quilt that shows the power of friendship.


  1. that's so beautiful - what a wonderful send off for monica. it would almost be enough to make me change my mind :)

  2. What a great pair of quilts. I love all the bright colours. The circles are really effective. I hope Monica finds some new quilting buddies soon.


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