03 December 2006

Soft and pretty

Perhaps it is because I am feeling frail and wobbly after a nasty dose of food poisoning, or perhaps it is because it is cool and showery here in Sydney, but today I had the urge to start something soft and pretty. I don't usually do pretty, but I cut a whole lot of 2 inch strips from the stash and made the blocks shown here. This is the arrangement for today, but I will probably change my mind later. Very simple, mindless sewing, but also very soothing. I have the absolutely perfect spotted fabric for a border, once I reach that stage.

Yesterday I was physically at the Christmas meeting of the Quilters' Guild of NSW, but without much energy. Pity - there was much to enjoy with a change in the format of meetings and a wonderful afternoon tea (none of which I touched). Crawled home afterwards and was asleep by 6pm. Never have I loved my bed so much!


  1. Nothing worse than being sick on a busy weekend. Hope you're up and about soon.

  2. Hi Erica

    Sorry to hear you have been 'under the weather'. Can you tell me more about the format of guild meetings. I am president of our local quilt club of about 60 members. I know NSW is a huge guild. How do your meetings work? What is the best part. Hoe do you handle show & Tell etc. I am always looking for ways to improve how our club runs.

    Helen in NZ


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