31 December 2006

A surprise in the garden

My garden continually surprises me. I was given this pot of begonias earlier this year by a friend who moved. They duly flowered in spring and then I just admired their leaves. This week, I noticed these purple flowers start to open and realised they were attached to a totally different plant in the same pot. I should have realised this earlier - Stephanie loves to plant more than one type of plant in a pot - but it took me unawares. My question is: what is the name of the plant? Can anyone help me with identification?


  1. hi erica - I think it looks like a Morning Glory flower

  2. stephanie9:33 pm

    Erica, it is a achimenes hybrid, common name- hot water plant, cupid's bower, monkey face pansy somthingy. not a morning glory. will flower all summer then die down, has a little pale pinecone looking corm that if scattered thru the garden will multiply rapidy I had it in many pots.


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