30 December 2006

Zen again

Having finished reading Zen and the Art of Quilting, I have to confess my disappointment. The concept promised so much, but the book didn't explore the theme as well as it could have. There were tenuous links to the principles and the book was full of tedious anecdotes that stated the obvious. What a let-down for such a (potentially) meaty subject! I would love to tease out the themes myself. Will put my thinking cap on.

Today was a perfectly relaxing day, topped off with yum cha with my Dad - all those delicious dumplings stacked up in bamboo baskets that entice with their contents. We filled ourselves with delicacies and green tea - what a wonderful way to dine.


  1. I'd agree with you - I didn't like to say anything when you posted earlier, but I felt it promised much more than it delivered too (hurrah for the Guild library!).

  2. Well I'm glad that you said something Erica. I must admit that the concept appealed to me. I make quilts out of no desire to own quilts, I'm happy to give them away. I love process more than final product, so I thought this book might suit me.


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