07 January 2007

Five Bells

While visiting the Art Gallery of NSW a couple of years ago, I fell in love with a John Olsen painting. I was physically drawn to it and pored over every line. (If you'd like to see it, click here.) I couldn't understand why I was so strongly attracted to it until I saw the name - Five Bells. Immediately I understood - somehow my subconscious knew that this painting is a reaction to one of my all-time favourite poems - the Kenneth Slessor poem of the same name (see here for the poem). How amazing is that?

Anyway, I was lucky enough to buy a huge print of the painting that day and it has been languishing, rolled up, until today. Determined to frame it and hang it where it could continue to inspire me, I visited IKEA today and purchased a frame. (Well, okay, I also bought a few other bits and pieces - IKEA has a fabulous range of box frames perfect for small textile work!)

Unrolling the print and placing it in the frame made me shiver. The painting still had the power to draw me in and make me think of that place way beneath the waters of Sydney Harbour and the powerful imagery of the poem. My day has been enriched beyond measure.

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  1. I fell in love with that painting too the last time I was at the Gallery. Thanks for the reminder


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