26 January 2007

Fourth step

Here is the next step of the plaid - different strips stitched diagonally on top. They are bias-cut strips so that they can easily curve. I think it is starting to look like snakes and ladders. It's becoming obvious to me at this stage that I should have cut gentler curves when I was making the check background so that there was a more regular grid to follow.

This is the final step in my plaid - wider strips sewn over the grid. Because my thinner strips are irregular, not all the crossings show in the 'windows' between the red print strips. I quite like this, but it wasn't the point of the exercise. I have named this my tipsy plaid.

The third and final lesson of this Structured Fabric class is available tomorrow. It is about stripes, and after that I will put my check, plaid and striped pieces together to make a small quilt.


  1. It draws you right in to have a closer look!

  2. Wow - with all these layers, it must be getting quite heavy by now and you haven't even begun quilting!

  3. Anonymous7:44 pm

    that quilt looks fun and cool with all the movement.k

  4. I will trim this piece to about 12 inches square. According to my quilt idea, it will be on point at the top. It isn't very heavy, because it is only small, but I imagine that a large one would be. Not sure if I like where it is heading, but I am enjoying learning the technique. Already I can see how it can be applied to some other ideas I have. I guess that's the point of taking a technique workshop!

  5. What an interesting process and effect. There are so many possibilities with this piece! I love the colors!


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