23 January 2007

A gift from over the sea

The most unlikely things happen when you blog. Before Christmas, I admired photos of fabrics that Helen had purchased. These are the two that I particularly liked.

Helen gave me a source for the fabrics and I put them on my very long list of things to do. Of course, time went by and it was still on my list. Imagine my surprise when a squishy package arrived from the other side of the world yesterday. Helen had sent me two pieces of fabric! They look even better in real life - the colour is richer and deeper. This would never had happened if I hadn't set up my blog and if Helen hadn't set up hers and if Brenda hadn't linked to Helen on her blog. The community of bloggers has something for everyone.


  1. And I would never have known about Helen's blog if she had not left a comment. Yay for comments!

  2. And I would not have known about Brenda's blog if you had not published an article about her in Down Under Quilts and then if she had not given me some quiltes about blogging for a British artcile I wrote and advised me not to bother pitching an article about blogging to you because you'd already done one and that you had started your own blog which made me look for it... so full circle there then!

  3. And it's all Brenda's fault I started blogging in the first place!


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