17 January 2007

It's my birthday!

Here I am, another year older again. Sometimes these milestones make me pause to reflect on what has occurred since the last one, while other times I am so eager to look forward that I barely notice the time flying past. Regardless of how I feel, I still celebrate my day. Happy birthday to all January babies!


  1. And I thought it was last week! Happy Birthday again.

  2. Monica11:10 am

    Hi Erica, A very happy birthday form over the seas. If the weather bureau is to be believed, it looks like Sydney turned some nice weather out for the occaision.

  3. happy berfday to you
    happy berfday to you
    happy berf-day dear Ericaaaaaaaaaaa
    happy berfdaaaaaaay
    toooooooooo yooooooooooooou :]

  4. Happy birthday Erica - hope you have a lovely day!

  5. Hippo Birdies, dear Erica!

  6. I hope that you had a wonderful birthday! Did you work or take a day for yourself?

  7. Anonymous11:07 pm

    I didn't know it was your birthday! You cheeky thing, you never said. Hope you had a fabulous day and many happy birthday wishes from all the girls at Material Obsession xx Sarah


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