01 January 2007

One step at a time

I haven't felt this relaxed for a very long time and part of the reason is that I've applied one of my goals for 2007 - do not get overwhelmed by the size of a task. This is what usually stops me in my tracks. I see a job as being too complex or too difficult, so I run away from starting it at all.

Today I painted a door. Not a huge job, but one step towards the greater objective of finishing the painting of my kitchen. The door looks beautiful and I have a sense of achievement. Tomorrow, I may paint a cupboard.

I've been breaking down my current quilt into steps too. Today I did masses of cutting and stitching of fabric strips to make more pieces for my scrap quilt. Here's a photo of the first rows.

I want to make a bed size quilt from these strips and put a border around it. It is the simplest design, but I am having so much fun. I think I might make another one in blue, white and yellow - there is probably enough fabric in my stash to do that!


  1. You need to join flibbertygibbet's strip swap! Visit http://flibbertygibbet.typepad.co.uk/ and scroll down to 18 December. Your scrappy strips are beautiful, very restful.

  2. Moda are also starting to sell 'jelly rolls' of 2.5 inch strips of their new collections. I couldn't see the point when I read about them but I get it now!

  3. Pixie - thanks for telling me about this swap.
    Helen - I got a bit excited when I saw the jelly rolls. There is a beautiful Moda collection called 'Sunshine' at the Fat Quarter Shop (http://www.fatquartershop.com)that appeals to me. I think blue, yellow and white will be next.

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  5. Erica the quilt is just lovely. Isn't it funny the little tricks we play to keep ourselves going? At night I have to focus on all the things I did achieve because, like you, sometimes the job seems too big. If I list what I have done I can keep going.

    You are having a very productive holiday! Bet that door looks great.


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