28 January 2007

Progress in the garden

The first photo is of a bare area in my backyard. It used to be a garden. The hardy perennial basil bush is the sole survivor, but it is struggling to thrive. You can see how desolate the ground is and it is bone dry, the result of being on clay and becoming water-resistant. The plan is to build it into a productive garden bed.

This is the first stage. Yesterday I received a birthday gift from my Dad - wonderful sandstone-coloured edging blocks. Here they are arranged into a circular shape to form the bed. Next step is to build it up with compost from my compost tumbler and some manures. The poor basil is hanging on in hope of a better future.

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  1. Lovely garden edging. I hope your basil plant survives it's "facelift". Love your ATC's by the way. Very cool!


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