31 January 2007

Structured fabric comments

Thank you for all the comments on this fabric concoction I am constructing. It is fantastic to read your comments, so don't be shy about leaving your thoughts on the comments page! To recap (for those who have just joined in) I am in the last week of a three-week Quilt University course called Structured Fabrics. The tutor is Dena Crain and she has been terrific with feedback and suggestions.

In the first week we designed a quilt layout and made a check fabric. In the second week we made a plaid fabric. This week we are making stripes and assembling the quilt top.

The piece you have all been watching get built is the plaid piece. I feel as if I am telling you a bedside story, chapter by chapter! To answer some of the questions:
* The plaid piece is only about 13 inches square. It will be trimmed to make a 12 inch square which will be laid out on point.
* It is not heavy because most of the strips are only 1/4 inch wide.
* No way on earth would I make a full-sized quilt with the plaid technique. I think it is good for a feature section in a quilt, or for journal-sized quilts. I want to make a small-scale plaid for cutting up to use on ATCs.
* The course has been wonderful because it taught me an intriguing new technique and I have all sorts of ideas for adapting the method. You should see some of the pieces the other students have made!

On a different subject, I have been tagged by my friends Kathy and Sarah. They have asked me to confess six weird things about myself. So far I can only come up with three - I guess it depends on your definition of 'weird'. So don't despair Kathy and Sarah - I will put on my thinking cap. Please don't start your own list of why I'm weird - that would be way too confronting!


  1. Hi Erica

    I have just joined the SCQuilters web ring and I am doing the rounds to introduce myself. Of course I am already a subscriber to your blog and have left comments before but I thought I'd say hello again.

  2. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Think of weird as wonderful, for it's what's different that drives us. if that helps...k

  3. Weird makes the world go round. Celebrate your differences!


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